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You’re Only Young As You Feel – by Gigi Vorgan

I was savoring my ritual cappuccino across the street from my dentist’s office as I did every time I went there, when this incredibly handsome young guy sat down two tables over. Our eyes met and he smiled seductively. I Read more

Serial Addiction – by Dr. Gary Small

When we think of addition, alcohol or drugs usually comes to mind, but a person can get addicted to almost anything they enjoy:  food, tobacco, sex, gambling, the Internet, or even videogames. Some people have addictive personalities.  When they “kick the Read more

Is Technology Fracturing Your Family? – by Dr. Gary Small

For the past two decades, I have been developing advanced technologies to help us understand how the brain functions and changes over time. My group at UCLA invented a brain scanning technique that can detect the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s Read more

No More Mr. Nice Mom – by Gigi Vorgan

My best friend’s daughter was about to finish her senior year in high school, but she’d had senioritis since 11th grade. She used to have stellar grades, star in all the school plays, and lead the student council to new Read more

Techno Addicts – by Dr. Gary Small

When we think of addiction, most of us think of alcoholism or drug abuse. But the easy access, anonymity, and constant availability of the Internet, email, texting, chatting and twittering has led to a new form of compulsive and dependent Read more

Never Forget A Name Again – by Dr. Gary Small

But the most effective method for remembering names and faces uses three basic memory skills I call: LOOK, SNAP, CONNECT. First, make sure you really take the time to focus on the name (LOOK). Then, creates mental snapshots (SNAP), visual Read more