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Can Exercise Cure Depression?

Not long ago, a friend told me about his symptoms of depression – trouble sleeping through the night, loss of appetite, forgetfulness, and occasional comments that he might be better off dead.  It all sounded like a major depression that Read more

Addicted to Therapy

Were decades of psychoanalysis enough to cure Woody Allen’s angst? Long-term psychotherapy seems to be on the decline these days – staying on the couch for more than five or six years is extreme, but many patients have a hard Read more

The Mile High Therapy Club

Not long ago, I was on an airplane queued up on the tarmac awaiting its turn to depart, when I noticed the young woman sitting next to me.  She was hyperventilating, holding her knees to her chest in a near-fetal Read more

Secret Doctor Language

Not long ago, I was listening to an NPR segment about patients getting easier access to their medical records (  Being a doctor and a patient, my first thought was, what a great idea.  But then I wondered how helpful Read more

Paul McCartney’s Memory Lapses

  I was about to board my flight back to Los Angeles and turn off my cell phone – I was being thrifty with the battery since I had forgotten where I left my travel charger – when a journalist called Read more

Spotting a Sociopath: The Top Three Tells – by Dr. Gary Small

Sociopaths are people who think only of themselves.  They have no conscience or empathy.  Whether it’s an Ernie Madoff, Adolf Hitler or Charles Manson, they wreak havoc on other people’s lives. But what about the everyday sociopath who sneaks into your Read more

De-Clutter Your Life – by Gigi Vorgan

My girlfriend was in from New York and stood in my bathroom convulsing in laughter, “You don’t have shampoo? Not any?” She sputtered. “Well, no. You can use the kids’.” I said. For some reason this made her laugh even harder Read more

Why Do You Need a Therapist if You Can Talk to a Good Friend? – by Dr. Gary Small

A psychiatrist or therapist, unlike a friend, has no agenda of their own when listening.  When a friend gives you advice, he may be thinking about how your actions will affect him, as well as you.  When you’re in therapy, Read more