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Does Alcohol help prevent Alzheimer’s?

I have always been a lightweight when it comes to drinking. It only takes one or two glasses of wine to get me tipsy. One of my college roommates speculated that I might be afflicted with some type of anti-social Read more

Can We Cure Alzheimer’s?

Age is the single greatest risk factor for getting Alzheimer's disease, which has become a worldwide epidemic. More than 5 million Americans are already afflicted, and every 70 seconds another is diagnosed. As 80 million baby boomers begin reaching age Read more

$100 Million Needed for Alzheimer’s Research in 2013 Budget

Nearly 80 million baby boomers are starting to reach the age when they begin noticing and joking about memory challenges. For those with a family history of Alzheimer's disease, their middle-aged pauses are no joke but a cause for concern Read more

Is the Internet killing empathy?

Dr. Gary Small, professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, has conducted research on the impact of technology on the human brain. Director of the UCLA Center on Aging, he is one of the world's leading physician/scientists in the fields of Read more

Sleep Helps Protect Your Brain

I love the way I feel after a good night’s sleep. My body is rested; my mind feels clear and alert; and I am happy to just linger in bed and relax. Of course, this delightful state is eventually interrupted Read more

Keep Walking to Stay Mentally Sharp

My wife’s 103-year-old grandmother lived in a third floor walk-up apartment in New York City. Every day she walked up and down those stairs several times to go shopping, to the post office, the dry cleaner’s and do other little Read more

Falling in Love with Your Psychiatrist

Her psychiatrist knows her inner thoughts and feelings better than anyone.  She can say anything to him and he doesn’t judge her, but only seems to understand her better.  She feels safe and comforted whenever she sees him.  He knows Read more

Mass Hysteria Can Strike Anywhere, Anytime

While still in my psychiatry residency training program, I was watching the news, and a story caught my attention – a bunch of grade school kids had been hospitalized because of a mystery illness. Outbreaks of mystery illness are more common Read more