Dr. Gary Small’s collection of books presents a refreshing perspective on understanding human brain activity and effective ways to enhance brain performance. The Alzheimer’s Prevention Program is a whole body, whole mind, easy-to-follow regimen based on the latest research on Alzheimer’s disease and especially the connection between lifestyle and susceptibility. more →


A commonsensical guide to help keep your brain in fighting trim.
Kirkus Reviews
… thoughtful lessons in wisdom and what it means to be human.
Daniel H. Seigel, Author of Drive and A Whole New Mind
Small writes with empathy and humor about the complexity of human relationships
Kirkus Reviews
Finally, the book that puts you in charge of your healthy brain.
Henry S. Lodge, M.D., coauthor of New York Times Bestseller Younger Next Year
Dr. Small is unmatched is his ability to sunthesize the latest scientific anti-agin breakthroughs.
P. Murali Doraiswamy, M.D., Senior Fellow, Duke University Center for the Study of Aging
Gary Small is the expert to listen to if you’re concerned about your memory.
Jerome Yesavage, M.D. Center on Longevity, Stanford University School of Medicine

Dr. Gary Small makes his presence throughout the world to international audiences. His books, research and methods for keeping the brain young draw attention at global events. Catch Gary on the road! more →


Dr. Gary Small’s work receives recognition in wordwide broadcasts and local communities. His message has helped people to become informed about accessible ways to stay youthful and healthy more →


Dr. Small is considered a pioneer at the forefront of his work and is recognized for his contribution to the science, medical and wellness communities. Explore Gary’s latest articles about health and wellbeing more →