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Misplacing your keys, information pills forgetting someone’s name at a party, or coming home from the market without the most important item – these are just some of the many common memory slips we all experience from time to time. But such cognitive lapses don’t just plague middle-agers and seniors: Scientists can detect subtle changes in the brain that coincide with mental decline by the time we reach age 40, and our findings show that people as young as 20 already have memory problems.
In 2 Weeks to a Younger Brain, Dr. Gary Small and Gigi Vorgan translate the latest brain science into practical strategies and exercises that yield quick and long-lasting benefits. It will not only improve your memory, it will also strengthen your physical health by reducing your risk for diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. more ?
Dr. Gary Small’s collection of books presents a refreshing perspective on understanding human brain activity and effective ways to enhance brain performance. The Alzheimer’s Prevention Program is a whole body, whole mind, easy-to-follow regimen based on the latest research on Alzheimer’s disease and especially the connection between lifestyle and susceptibility. more ?
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Want to Improve Your Memory? These Tips and Tricks May Help “What was I going to say?” “Wait, why did I walk into this room?” “Tell me your name again?” “You know, the movie with that guy with the hair, what was it called?”

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hook up in nigeria Dr. Gary Small makes his presence throughout the world to international audiences. His books, research and methods for keeping the brain young draw attention at global events. Catch Gary on the road! more ?


binäre optionen selbstversuch Dr. Gary Small’s work receives recognition in wordwide broadcasts and local communities. His message has helped people to become informed about accessible ways to stay youthful and healthy more ?


opcje binarne onomatopeja Dr. Small is considered a pioneer at the forefront of his work and is recognized for his contribution to the science, medical and wellness communities. Explore Gary’s latest articles about health and wellbeing more ?